FMC Two Stage Fuel Injection System

Two Stage Injection System assembled on ABC 6DZ engine

The Two Stage Injection system, invented and developed by FMC, is an innovative fuel injection system, combining the simplicity and flow characteristic of cam driven mechanical fuel injection system with the flexibility and high pressure capability of Common Rail injection systems.

The Two Stage Injection System is fully capable for HFO-operation and was tested on a number of engines covering a power range from 10 to 300 kW/cyl. The high pressure characteristic at extremely low fuel quantities down to 0.5% of the rated fuel flow makes the system a true alternative for dual fuel engines.

Latest developments cover a power range up to 500 kW/cyl in combination with peak injection pressures up to 2000 bar and variable injection timing.

The Two Stage Injection System is available as upgrade solution for older engine designs with cam driven injection systems or for new engine designs as alternative for CR-Systems.

The Systems are generally designed to engine specifications. Please feel free to contact us.