Engine performance at5 bar and 500 bar first stage pressure (FMC 4524, 600 rpm, 24,3 bar BMEP)

The change of injection characteristic with increasing first stage pressure leads to significant improvements of the combustion system:

  • Peak Heat Release Rates are increasing, while heat release at start of injection stays unchanged.
  • Cylinder pressure gradient at SOI stays unchanged due to rate shaping.
  • Overall pressure gradients are rising slightly due to higher heat release rate
  • Combustion duration is significantly short.

This translates to :

  • Reduced fuel consumption (up to 7%)
  • Reduced PM-Emission. Smoke numbers are below 0.1 on all operation points
  • but increased NOx-Emissions due to higher combustion intensity.

Reduced fuel consumption and PM-emission allow for further retarding of injection timing, overall translating into reduced NOx-Emissions combined with unchanged fuel consumption and smokeless combustion in the complete operation envelope of the engine.

Furthermore control of the first stage pressure allows to adjust between fuel consumption and emission optimized operation, e.g. switch between IMO II and IMO III emission levels.

Comparison of cylinder pressure diagram at different first stage pressures