The Aqua-Fuel System

The Aqua-Fuel System is designed to produce a Fuel-Water-Emulsion as fuel for diesel engines

  • on demand, depending on the engine requirements,
  • with out use of emulsifying agents and
  • for autonomous operation.

The system produces the emulsion directly in front of the injection system, surplus fuel is fed back to the emulsifying unit in a closed circuit. This ensures a cyclic remix of the emulsion, preventing a deposit of free water inside the injection system.

The Aqua-Fuel System is equipped with a control unit, governing all functions of the system:

  • A water-in-fuel sensor provides online monitoring of emulsion quality, allowing for closed loop control of the water content.
  • Emulsion water content is controlled based on engine condition depending performance maps.
  • An integrated alarm system ensures safe operation of the system under all conditions.