General design of the Aqua-Fuel System

Mixing Chamber Aqua-Fuel small

The main part of the unit is the mixing chamber, made of aluminium or, in special cases, stainless steel. Circulation- and booster pump are standard parts. The 'Water in fuel'- sensor is a standard part, modified to fit the purpose.

The mixing unit should be placed as near to the engine / injection system as possible to reduce volume of the emulsion circuit for improved reaction time of the water content control. The Aquafuel-System is generally available in two versions:

  • Standard version: Mixing unit, water supply and control mounted on a single rack, delivered in one piece.
  • Compact version: System separated into two parts ( mixing unit and water supply + control unit).

Version selection  depends on the actual application. The standard version provides a monolithic solution for simplified installation, mainly for larger units and stationary applications. For smaller units and applications providing reduced installation space near the engine the compact version will be the better solution.

Water supply is possible directly from the water tab via a media divider. For safety reasons the use of a intermediate tank is recommended. Tanks for Standard and Compact version with integrated water pump are optionally available. Water supply will be controlled by the control unit of the FWE-System.

In case of failure of the FWE-System fuel will be delivered by the fuel supply pump of the engine through the FWE-System. The engine will stay operational, but fuel circulation through the injection system will be stopped. Optionally valves(15,16,19) operated by the Control Unit are available, used for automated switching of the fuel system between "normal"- and FWE-operation in case of FWE System failures.

This results in the fact, that the emulsion unit is to be considered as an additive device, which in case of problems can be separated completely from the engine fuel system. In any case the engine can be operated completely independent.