Corrosion problems related to Fuel-Water Emuslsion

As soon as the application of water to the combustion system of the diesel engine is mentioned the question of corrosion-issues or lube-oil contamination is discussed. 

Concerning these questions two different topics need to be discussed:

  1. Corrosion issues inside the injection system:
    Inside the Fuel-Water Emulsion the water is incorporated into the fuel as small bubbles completely surrounded by a fuel matrix.
    Consequently the water will not get into direct contact with the surface of the components of the injection system as long as a stable emulsion is maintained. The Aqua-Fuel System is designed to maintain a stable emulsion as long as the system is operated according to the operation manual.
  2. Corrosion Issues inside the cylinder liner and exhaust system:
    Using a FWE-system water is applied directly to the high temperature areas of the burning flame. Moisture will not come into contact with combustion chamber components. Due to the relatively low water concentration condensation inside the exhaust gas system is avoided.
    In cylinder corrosion, corrosion damages to the exhaust system and lube oil contamination are unknown until now.
    On the contrary corrosion- and lube-oil issues are reported for HAM- and WDI-Systems due to the high water content of the charge air leading to moisture deposits on the cylinder liner and other parts.